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Diversity of tomato leaf form provides novel insights into breeding
Hokuto NakayamaYasunori IchihashiSeisuke Kimura
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Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) is cultivated widely globally. The crop exhibits tremendous morphological variations because of its long breeding history. Apart from the commercial tomato varieties, wild species and heirlooms are grown in certain regions of the world. Since the fruit constitutes the edible part, much of the agronomical research is focused on it. However, recent studies have indicated that leaf morphology influences fruit quality. As leaves are specialized photosynthetic organs and the vascular systems transport the photosynthetic products to sink organs, the architectural characteristics of the leaves have a strong influence on the final fruit quality. Therefore, comprehensive research focusing on both the fruit and leaf morphology is required for further tomato breeding. This review summarizes an overview of knowledge of the basic tomato leaf development, morphological diversification, and molecular mechanisms behind them and emphasizes its importance in breeding. Finally, we discuss how these findings and knowledge can be applied to future tomato breeding.

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