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2015 年 74 巻 4 号 p. 282-289


 Objective: To investigate the background of hospitalized patients with Meniere's disease over a ten-year period.
 Methods: A retrospective study was conducted of the medical records of patients with Meniere's disease who were hospitalized in our hospital between January 2001 and December 2010.
 Results: Twenty people were hospitalized during this period; 3 of them were re-hospitalized. Therefore, the total was 23 cases in 10 years. All of them were hospitalized due to vertigo attacks. Their ages ranged from 44 to 78 years. There was no difference in the length of hospitalization between the patients under 65 y.o. and those 65-and-over. The distribution of the onset time suggests a high incidence in daytime. The highest onset season was winter with 12 cases. Concerning the clinical findings, 12 patients showed nystagmus beating toward the affected ear at the time of hospitalization. The hearing improved after hospitalization in 4 patients. However, there was no difference in the types of medications. The number of the patients who had smoked was 25%, which was almost equal to the national average. Forty-five percent of the patients had a drinking habit, which exceeded the national average. Regarding the patients' personalities, most of them were cheerful or gentle. Most patients (27.8%) slept 7 hours a day, and no single case reported less than 6 sleep hours. Office workers at 35.0% accounted for the occupation of the majority.
 Conclusion: This study revealed the tendency of aging of the patients with Meniere's disease. It became clear that the severe vertigo attacks that needed hospitalization were more likely occur in the daytime and in winter. Recently, the lack of sleep had been considered as one of the causes of Meniere's disease. However, this study suggested the quality of sleep is also an important factor.

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