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ハンドモデルによる内耳形態の学習効果 :「バンバン, フッ, カチャッ」メソッド
岸田 杏子野村 泰之地家 真紀御子柴 郁夫岸野 明洋木村 優介三浦 正稔戸井 輝夫増田 毅鴫原 俊太郎大島 猛史
ジャーナル フリー

2019 年 78 巻 3 号 p. 157-163


 Purpose: This present study was aimed at evaluating the effects of our original teaching method called “Bang Bang, Hu, Kacha” on the learning efficiency. Methods: We invented this method, which involves hand modulation and vocalization of words, for medical students to enable them to easily understand and memorize the anatomy of the inner ear and vestibular organs. We evaluated its effectiveness based on self-completed questionnaires by the students. Results: The results suggested that the comprehension level of the 30 medical students of the anatomy of the inner ear organs, especially the positional relationships of the semicircular canals and cochlea improved dramatically after they underwent training using this methodology. The medical students assigned high scores to this relational hand modulation method. Conclusion: This “Bang Bang, Hu, Kacha” method seemed to be a very useful for medical education, and allowed easy comprehension and memorization of the inner ear and vestibular anatomical structures.

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