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Foulage test における6軸モーションセンサを用いた動的体平衡研究
三輪 徹安田 知久
ジャーナル フリー

2020 年 79 巻 2 号 p. 80-87


 We collected data from the Foulage test performed using the six-axis motion sensor, an accelerometric device, in 6 healthy adults (all men aged 27.32±5.89). The Foulage test was performed with the six-axis motion sensor in placed on the lumbar spine of the subjects, and the data were analyzed and correlations examined. The root mean square (RMS), auto-correlation coefficient (AC) and Euler horn were calculated from the data provided by the six-axis motion sensor. The FT value and Θ value were calculated from Foulage test. There were significant correlations between the AC x-axis of the linear/angular acceleration and the FT value. There were also significant correlations between the Euler horn y-axis and Θ value. Our results suggested that the “x-axis at the lumbar spine level” affected the Foulage stepping. This accelerometric device is easy to use and requires no specialized equipment and can be used to perform the Foulage test in clinical practice.

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