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Vol. 48 (2010) No. 6 P 589-594




Recent studies by the authors of this paper have consistently shown that the landing position of the swing foot (healthy foot) of the subjects being experienced with the three point axillary crutch can be estimated by the body acceleration. The experimental analysis also shows that the experienced subjects have the capability to land their healthy foot on the estimated positions. However, inexperienced subjects suffer from it. Basically the landing position differences of inexperienced subjects and the estimated ones results in sudden unstable acceleration of the body. The purpose of this paper is to develop a new crutch walk training apparatus that enhances inexperienced subjects' walking stability by instructing optimal landing positions. For instruction, a laser pointer was employed with the axillary crutch walk training apparatus that was developed by the authors. Some walks of subjects with the training apparatus were measured. As a result, it was confirmed that frequency of sudden changes of their bodies' acceleration decreased steadily during walk when using the proposed landing point instruction device.

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