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Microbial Community Analysis of Anaerobic Enrichment Cultures Supplemented with Bacterial Peptidoglycan as the Sole Substrate
Samia QuaiyumKensuke IgarashiTakashi NarihiroSouichiro Kato
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2020 Volume 35 Issue 3


Methanogenic microbial communities were enriched from rice paddy soil and anaerobic digester sludge using peptidoglycan purified from gram-negative Escherichia coli or gram-positive Micrococcus luteus as the sole substrate. Methane production data suggested the anaerobic degradation of peptidoglycan and also that peptidoglycan from E. coli had lower degradability. The community structures of enrichment cultures fed peptidoglycan from E. coli or M. luteus were similar, but distinctly different. A number of phylogenetically novel and uncultured bacteria, particularly in the phyla Bacteroidetes, WWE1, Armatimonadetes, and Verrucomicrobia, dominated the enrichment cultures, suggesting their involvement in anaerobic peptidoglycan degradation.

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