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Complex History of Aerobic Respiration and Phototrophy in the Chloroflexota Class Anaerolineae Revealed by High-Quality Draft Genome of Ca. Roseilinea mizusawaensis AA3_104
Lewis M. WardFátima Li-HauTakeshi KakegawaShawn E. McGlynn
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2021 Volume 36 Issue 3


Roseilinea is a novel lineage of Chloroflexota known only from incomplete metagenome-assembled genomes (MAGs) and preliminary enrichments. Roseilinea is notable for appearing capable of anoxygenic photoheterotrophy despite being only distantly related to well-known phototrophs in the Chloroflexia class such as Chloroflexus and Roseiflexus. Here, we present a high-quality MAG of a member of Roseilinea, improving our understanding of the metabolic capacity and phylogeny of this genus, and resolving the multiple instances of horizontal gene transfer that have led to its metabolic potential. These data allow us to propose a candidate family for these organisms, Roseilineaceae, within the Anaerolineae class.

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