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Diversity in Infection Specificity between the Bloom-forming Microalga Heterosigma akashiwo and Its dsDNA Virus, Heterosigma akashiwo Virus
Yusaku FunaokaHaruna HiromotoDaichi MorimotoMichiko TakahashiKei WadaKeizo Nagasaki
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2023 Volume 38 Issue 2 Article ID: ME23036


Heterosigma akashiwo virus (HaV) is a dsDNA virus that infects the bloom-forming raphidoflagellate Heterosigma akashiwo. Both the host and its virus are phenotypically diverse in terms of infection specificity. Their relationships have been examined based on the occurrence or absence of algal lysis following virus inoculation; however, variations in the strain-level host-virus relationship regarding infectivity and lysis rates remain unclear. Therefore, we performed a series of cross-infectivity tests using 60 H. akashiwo and 22 HaV strains isolated from the coastal waters of western Japan. The host strains were divided into 5 different groups and viruses into 4 groups. Using a representative strain from each group, algal lysis was observed in 14 of the (5×4=) 20 host-virus combinations; the concentration of infectious units in each HaV suspension was then assessed using the most probable number (MPN) assay on the five host strains. Virus titers ranged between 1.1×101 and 2.1×107 infectious units mL–1; the titer of each viral lysate was differently estimated using distinct H. akashiwo strains as hosts. These results suggest that (1) a clonal viral lysate comprises virions with different intraspecific infection specificities and/or (2) the efficiency and error rates of each intracellular replication process vary in each host-virus combination.

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