Jets, wakes and separated flows : proceedings of International Conference on Jets, Wakes and Separated Flows, ICJWSF
Online ISSN : 2424-2888
1096 Experimental Investigation on Interaction between Bubble Plume and Swirling Water Flow
Uchiyama TomomiSasaki Shunsuke
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This study investigates the interaction between the bubble and a swirling flow around the central axis (vertical axis) of a bubble plume. The experiment is conducted in a cylindrical water tank. Small air bubbles are successively released from the bottom of the tank to generate a bubble plume, and a stirring disc on the tank bottom is made to rotate to impose a swirling water flow around the bubble plume. The bobble motion and the characteristics of the swirling water flow are explored to clarify the effects of the bubble volume flow rate and the rotational speed of thie stirring disc.

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