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Journal of Signal Processing
Vol. 18 (2014) No. 4 Special Issue on Papers Awarded the Student Paper Award at NCSP'14 (Editor-in-Chief: Keikichi Hirose, Editor: Nozomu Hamada, Guest Editor: Hironori Takimoto, Honorary Editor-in-Chief: Takashi Yahagi) p. 193-196



In this study, we propose an evaluation approach for web form usability. With the popularization of online activities, a web form is used as a means of intermediation between a company and users. It is a crucial problem to provide a user-friendly web form. Therefore, our aim is to investigate users' feelings and behavior during the completion of a web form in different ways: a questionnaire, an electroencephalogram (EEG), and eye tracking. Moreover, we quantify and visualize the evaluation results in order to easily understand a large amount of information at a glance. As a result, we were able to extract valuable information for web form usability from several angles. Thus, we have developed an overall evaluation approach in order to clearly comprehend web form usability.

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