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Effects of meta-stereotype information on intergroup attitudes and ingroup perceptions: Cases of positive/negative and ingroup stereotype-consistent/inconsistent meta-stereotype information
Mie Tamura
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2017 Volume 33 Issue 1 Pages 26-33


The present study examined how the meta-stereotype information presented by outgroup members affects intergroup attitudes, as well as ingroup members’ perceptions of their group. Participants were given either positive or negative meta-stereotype information, which could be either consistent or inconsistent with their own self-views (ingroup stereotypes). As predicted, those provided with positive meta-stereotype information rated outgroup members favorably. Moreover, they regarded their own group more positively when the positive meta-stereotype information was inconsistent with ingroup stereotypes. On the other hand, participants presented with negative meta-stereotype information regarded the outgroup members unfavorably. This tendency was salient when the meta-stereotype information was incongruent with ingroup stereotypes. Negative meta-stereotypes information, however, did not influence the ingroup members’ perception of their own group. We discussed the impact of meta-stereotype information on intergroup relations, as well as the direction of further research.

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