Journal of Science and Technology in Lighting
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The Protective Effect of Blue Light Cutting Particles Mixed Optical Material against Blue LED Light-Induced Photoreceptor and Cornea Cell Death
Tomohiro YakoYoshiki KuseShinsuke NakamuraMasamitsu ShimazawaTakashi MotomuraHideaki Hara
ジャーナル フリー 早期公開

論文ID: IEIJ180000625


Blue light emitting diode (LED) light is being used various devices for recent decades. Blue LED light has the 450–500 nm wavelengths, and high photon energy compared with green or red LED light. It is known that the exposure to blue LED light causes retinal photoreceptor cells damage. It is unknown whether the blue LED light cut particle containing lens has a protective effect against blue LED light-induced cell damage although the absorbance by colored lens shows a protective effect. Thus, the purpose of this study was to reveal that the protective effect of blue LED light cutting particle containing lens against photoreceptor and corneal epithelial cell damage induced by blue LED light exposure. We irradiated blue LED light to the mouse photoreceptor cells and human cornea epithelial cells with or without lens. The lens containing about one third blue LED light cutting particle (TECHPOLYMER) decreased production of reactive oxygen species and improved cell death rate and cell viability rate. These findings show that TECHPOLYMER containing lens may protect photoreceptor and cornea cells by reducing of reactive oxygen species.

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