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iii Differential responseを利用したStreptothricinIII及びG-72のSensitive stageの解析
宮川 剛清水 喜正堀米 栄吉
ジャーナル フリー

1957 年 7 巻 6 号 p. 400-404


From the results of two preceding papers, it seemed advisable to investigate the effect of two antivirals i.e. streptothricin-3 and chartreusin, on the growth of PR8 virus, comparatively at the same time. Canavanine sulfate in addition was used as an inhibitor in order to analyse the reacting phase of the afore-mentioned antivirals, because the stage where canavanine acts coincides with that of p-fluorophenyl-alanine and may presumably has the effect on the protein synthesis of the virus.
First experiment was performed with these three antivirals in order to determine the effect of time of addition on virus growth.
Second experiment was conducted by examining the differential response of the viral growth every 2 hours. By means of this response, the late effect of each antivirals on the virus growth has been measured accurately and in simple fashion. The experiment was as follows; i.e. 6 hrs. after infection, similarly infected membranes were put in the new flasks which contained these antivirals respectively, and each membrane was transferred to the other new antiviral containing medium every two hours. The production of hemagglutinin was tested in each flask.
All of the result obtained in the above experiment seems to suggest that the sensitive stage to these 3 antivirals are different in each other and in the order of chartreusin, streptothricin-3 and Canavanine sulfate, from earlier to later.

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