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辻 幸恵
ジャーナル フリー

2017 年 63 巻 6 号 p. 187-189


In Japan, many men’s college students wear HAKAMA styles in coming-of-age ceremonies. I investigated the women’s evaluation for the men’s HAKAMA style fashion in autumn 2016. I carried out the questionnaire to 200 women's college students. They lived in Kansai area and they are the third grade students. The purpose of the questionnaire is to know needs and standards about woman’s standard of evaluation in order to spread boy's HAKAMA styles. Some of women approve of boy’s wearing HAKAMA styles, but the other women do not support it. Those who agree it say that HAKAMA styles are Japanese full dresses and they can experience Japanese tradition. Those who disagree it say that HAKAMA styles do not like them and they look like proudly. Women have three standards about the evaluations of HAKAMA styles. The first standard is formal, the second is gorgeous, and the third is special. If men’s college students wear HAKAMA styles more elegantly, more women’s college students praise them.

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