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Next-generation Simulation of Road Vehicle Aerodynamics Using Petascale Computers
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2012 Volume 32 Issue 127 Pages 22-27


  Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has achieved rapid development in aspects of software and hardware. Then, the CFD becomes an alternate tool of a wind-tunnel experiment in a development process of road vehicle aerodynamics. However, the development process is still similar to the past. Therefore, toward an innovation of the process, our research group is developing a new development and design system of road vehicle aerodynamics based on unsteady and three-dimensional turbulent field simulation.
   Here, we show two cases of unsteady aerodynamics simulations using a next-generation aerodynamics simulator of road vehicles, which is a basis of the new development system. One application is understand of physical mechanism that causes an aerodynamic damping acting on a pitching road vehicle. The other is a coupled simulation of aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics in a gusty crosswind situation. Additionally, concept, target, and key problem of the new development and design system running on petascale computers, such as “K”, are mentioned.

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