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2005 Annual Meeting of the Mineralogical Society of Japan
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Structural analysis of non-crystalline materials by X-ray scattering coupled with reverse Monte Carlo simulation
*kazumasa SugiyamaMasatoshi Saito
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The structure of disordered materials such as glasses and liquids is usually analyzed by the X-ray diffraction and obtained pair distribution functions are used in the structural discussion. This function corresponds to the probability of finding another atom at a distance r from the origin atom and careful analysis allows us to obtain the local structural image by estimating inter-atomic distances and corresponding coordination numbers at near neighbor region. However, recent structural studies of non-crystalline materials require the information covering middle range structure so as to discuss physico-chemical properties such as crystallization procedure. The reverse Monte Carlo (RMC) simulation technique is one way to obtain such middle range structure and present paper demonstrates a couple of structural studies analyzed by X-ray scattering coupled with RMC simulation method.

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