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Vol. 36 (2008) No. APLS The Review of Laser Engineering Supplemental Volume 2008 P 1073-1076



Lasers and Laser Systems

A high-power efficient ceramic Yb:YAG laser was demonstrated at a room temperature of 20°C with an Yb concentration of 9.8 at.%, a gain medium of 1 mm, a pumping power of 13.8 W, an output coupler of T = 10%, and a cavity length of 20 mm. A 6.8 W cw output power was obtained with a slope efficiency of 72%. The ceramic Yb:YAG laser exhibited a continuous tunability in the spectral range of 63.5 nm from 1020.1 to 1083.6 nm for T = 1% at a maximum output power of 1.6 W. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study of the tunability of ceramic Yb:YAG lasers, except crystal Yb:YAG studies.

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