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Microstructure and Electrical Conductivity of BaRuO3 Thin Films Prepared by Laser Ablation
Akihiko ItoHiroshi MasumotoTakashi Goto
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2007 Volume 48 Issue 11 Pages 2953-2959


BaRuO3 (BRO) thin films were prepared by laser ablation at substrate temperature (Tsub) ranging from room temperature to 973 K in a high vacuum (10−6 Pa) and in O2 at oxygen pressures (PO2) of 0.13 to 130 Pa. The relationship between deposition conditions, microstructure, binding state and electrical conductivity was investigated. 9R-type BRO thin film with well-crystallized fine grains was obtained at PO2=13 Pa and Tsub>773 K. BaRu6O12 was co-deposited with BRO at P=10−6 Pa and Tsub>573 K. The electrical conductivity (σ) of the BRO thin films positively correlated with Tsub and PO2. Highly conductive (σ>104 S·m−1) BRO thin films showed metallic conduction whereas less conductive (σ<104 S·m−1) BRO thin films showed semiconducting behavior. BRO thin film prepared at PO2=13 Pa and Tsub=773 K exhibited a maximum σ of 7.7×104 S·m−1 at room temperature.

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