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Multi-Phase-Field Modeling of Transformation Kinetics at Multiple Scales and Its Application to Welding of Steel
Munekazu OhnoYasushi ShibutaTomohiro Takaki
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2019 年 60 巻 2 号 p. 170-179


Production processes of structural materials generally involve a variety of microstructural evolutions, spatiotemporal scales of which are different by several orders of magnitude. In this study, a multi-phase-field model for simulating transformation phenomena at multiple scales is developed by considering mesoscopic kinetics of interest based on diffuse interface description without curvature effect. In particular, the present model is developed for simulations of microstructural evolutions during welding of carbon steels. In this model, the motion of dendrite envelope is described to simulate solidification not at a dendritic scale but at a scale of grain structure. Moreover, the pinning effect is described based on a mean-field approximation, which allows for simulations of grain growth with existence of very fine particles. The present model is applied to two-dimensional simulations for welding processes of carbon steel. The microstructural evolution involving the melting, solidification, austenite grain growth and pinning effect due to very fine particles is demonstrated.

Fig. 8 Microstructural evolution during welding, where the bright region represents the liquid pool in each snapshot. σs = 1.0 and fv was calculated using eq. (19). Fullsize Image
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