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Quantitative Analysis of School Textbook Corpus in BCCWJ
With a Focus on Readability and Vocabulary Level Distribution for Japanese Language Education
Jaeho Lee
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2019 Volume 32 Issue 3 Pages 147-162


This study quantitatively analyzed the readability and vocabulary level distribution of 412 books of textbook data found in the “Balanced Corpus of Contemporary Written Japanese”. As a result of the analysis, the following 4 points became evident: 1) As the grade in school advanced, the text also becomes more difficult; 2) The 10 grades in school from grade 1 to senior high school are divisible into 5 groups; 3) Whereas “social studies” and “mathematics” and “science” are composed of comparatively difficult text, “Japanese” and “Arts” are composed of comparatively easy-to-read text; and 4) Whereas beginner"s vocabulary decreases as the grade in school advanced, the tendency has been for intermediate vocabulary to increase. These quantitative analytical findings are thought to be the basis for determining the scope of Japanese language instruction in the coursework of Japanese language education for young people.

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