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後藤 雅宏
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2023 年 48 巻 1 号 p. 25-30


Transdermal drug delivery is receiving a growing concern to alternate conventional drug administration techniques such as oral administration or needle–stick based administration methods. In this review article, we proposed a patch system based on a solid–in–oil nanodispersion technique as a simple and efficient delivery method of drugs, especially protein and peptide vaccines, through the skin. The skin is an attractive route for vaccination because there are many immune cells. We have developed the solid–in–oil nanodisperison technique to deliver pharmaceutical bioactives efficiently through the skin. Solid–in–oil nanodispersions are nanosized drug carriers designed to overcome the skin barrier. Drug administration using a patch is user–friendly and can improve patient compliance. Protein and peptide antigen drugs were efficiently delivered across the intact skin using the solid–in–oil nanodispersions. The technique is potent transcutaneous immunization method without needles.

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