Metallomics Research
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Comparative Evaluation of micro-particles of different materials by M-DIN ICP-MS
Shunsuke HosodaTakashi OhtaSatoshi KohnoTomoko MiyakeTakahiro IwaiKoichi ChibaAkitoshi Okino
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2023 年 3 巻 1 号 p. reg01-reg06


In this study, artificial microparticles were used as pseudo-cells to select samples that can be used as substitutes for micro-droplet injection nebulizer (M-DIN) ICP-MS standards. The microparticles were selected on the basis that they should be comparable in size to human cells, have a small deviation in volume, and have different elemental contents and pyrolysis properties. Polymer latex particles, magnetic latex particles, borosilicate glass particles, and straight polymethyl methacrylate particles were used. As a result, we succeeded in detecting the contained elements in polymer latex, magnetic latex and polymethyl methacrylate particles. In addition, focusing on Mg contained in all particles, we compared the correlation between the mass signal intensity by droplet ICP-MS and the average elemental content in a particle.

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