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Myocardial T1-mapping and Extracellular Volume Quantification in Patients and Putative Carriers of Muscular Dystrophy: Early Experience
Kazuhiro KoyanagawaYuta KobayashiTadao AikawaAtsuhito TakedaHideaki ShiraishiSatonori TsunetaNoriko Oyama-ManabeHiroyuki IwanoToshiyuki NagaiToshihisa Anzai
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論文ID: bc.2020-0069


To assess myocardial fibrosis associated with muscular dystrophy, T1-mapping and extracellular volume fraction (ECV) quantification was prospectively performed using cardiovascular MR (CMR) imaging in 6 male patients with muscular dystrophy and 5 female putative carriers of Duchenne or Becker muscular dystrophy. Five patients and all putative carriers had an elevated ECV (>29.5% for men and >35.2% for women), suggesting that ECV has a potential to detect diffuse fibrotic changes in patients and putative carriers of muscular dystrophy.

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