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Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan
Vol. 37 (2013) No. 3-2 SELECTED PAPERS FROM ICAUMS 2012 p. 194-197



Thin Films, Fine Particles, Multilayers, and Superlattices

  An FePd/MgO/FePd tri-layer film is prepared on an SrTiO3(001) single-crystal substrate by employing a two-step method consisting of sputter deposition at 400 ℃ followed by annealing at 600 ℃. An L10-FePd(001)single-crystal lower layer with the c-axis perpendicular to the substrate surface is obtained on the SrTiO3 substrate. An MgO(001) single-crystal layer is formed on the FePd lower layer. An FePd upper layer epitaxially grows on the MgO interlayer. The upper layer consists of L10(001) crystal involving a small volume of L10(100) crystal with the c-axis parallel to the substrate surface. The order degrees of L10(001) crystals in the FePd lower and the upper layersare 0.67 and 0.65, respectively. A very flat surface is realized for the tri-layer film. The tri-layer film shows a perpendicular magnetic anisotropy reflecting the magnetocrystalline anisotropy of L10(001) crystal. A formation of fully epitaxial L10-FePd/MgO/L10-FePd tri-layer film with a perpendicular magnetic anisotropy is demonstrated.

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