Journal of the Society of Inorganic Materials, Japan
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2005 年 12 巻 315 号 p. 97-105


Halons (bromofluorocarbons) are identified as ozone depleting substances and are forbidden to be produced since the end of 1993. Appropriate treatment method to decompose halon waste is required. A dry process to decompose halon with solid alkaline has been developed. Solid alkalis are prepared from reagents of CaO and MgO. Recovery of F became larger with an increase of MgO fraction in the solid alkaline. The recovery of Br became smaller with MgO fraction in the solid alkaline, since reactivity of Br with MgO was low. The diffusion of the gases produced by decomposition of halon through the product layer as well as the reactivity of the gases with the solid alkaline reactant are important for the halon decomposition treatment of the gases with the solid alkaline reactant.

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