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小野 佐代子中村 重男羽田野 為夫
ジャーナル フリー

1990 年 3 巻 2 号 p. 78-82


Using Doppler color flow mapping (DCFM), neonatal cerebral hemodynamics were evaluated by comparing Doppler blood flow patterns between the right internal carotid (ICA) and middle cerebral arteries (MCA) . Transfontanellar right ICA as well as transcranial MCA blood flow patterns were obtained for 30 fullterm neonates in the first or second day after birth. The peak flow velocity (PFV), end-diastolic flow velocity (EDFV), mean flow velocity (MFV), the ratio of acceleration time to ejection time (AT/ET) as well as the time difference between the pre-ejection period (PEP) of the ascending aorta and that of the cerebral artery (ΔPEP) were measured. The PFV, EDFV as well as the MFV of MCA were relatively higher than those of ICA (p<0.01) . Also the ΔPEP of MCA was longer than that of ICA. However there was no difference in the AT/ET between ICA and MCA.
We therefore consider that by using DCFM, it is possible to evaluate and compare the regional cerebral hemodynamics in neonates in assosiation with their systemic hemodynamics.

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