Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications, IEICE
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Special Section on Laser Dynamics and Complex Photonics
Experimental demonstration of channel order recognition in wireless communications by laser chaos time series and confidence intervals
Mitsuhiko ShimomuraNicolas ChauvetMikio HasegawaMakoto Naruse
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2022 年 13 巻 1 号 p. 101-111


High-bandwidth irregular oscillations caused by optical time-delayed feedback subjected to the laser cavity, known as laser chaos, have been investigated for various engineering applications. Recently, a fast decision-making algorithm for a multi-arm bandit problem by utilizing laser chaos time series has been demonstrated. Furthermore, the arms order recognition of the reward expectation for each arm has been successfully developed by incorporating the notion of the confidence interval regarding the reward estimate. However, in previous studies, the verification was limited to numerical experiments; real-world demonstrations were not conducted. This study experimentally demonstrated that the arm-order recognition algorithm is successfully operated in channel order recognition in wireless communications while revising the original strategy to take into account the wireless application requirements. Such accurate arm rank recognition involving non-best arms would be useful for various real-world applications such as channel bonding, among others.

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