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Effects of an atelocollagen sponge during the wound healing of tooth extraction sockets at an early stage
Shoichiro IwataKenichi MatsuzakaTakashi Inoue
ジャーナル フリー

2010 年 15 巻 1 号 p. 15-20


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the morphological and molecular effects of atelocollagen sponges placed in rat tooth extraction sockets in their early stages of wound healing. Right incisors of rats were extracted, and atelocollagen sponges were placed into the tooth extraction sockets. Sockets without atelocollagen served as controls. Extraction socket tissues were histologically evaluated for 3 weeks after surgery, and mRNA expression levels for type I collagen and osteocalcin were also quantified. At the time that non-specific fibrous connective tissue invaded the alveolar bone ridge area of the sockets from the outside in the control group, new bone formation was seen up to the level of the alveolar bone ridge in the experimental group. There was a significantly higher expression level for type I collagen mRNA in the experimental group, whereas there was no significant difference in the expression of osteocalcin mRNA between the two groups. These results suggest that atelocollagen plays a role in maintaining space by stimulating collagen production but does not accelerate cell proliferation or osteoinduction.

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