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Effects of Temperature of Drinking Water on Regulation of Body Temperature in Humans
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  A person regulates body temperature by outside and inside heat from change of environmental temperature. One of the inside heats includes drinking water. However, the effect of drinking water temperature on body temperature is not clear. The purpose of this study was to examine how water temperature influences the change in body temperature. The study participant were 13 men (average age, 21.3 ± 0.8 years), and they drank water at 3°C, room temperature, and 60°C; in addition, one more task was not to drink water. We measured tympanic temperature using a thermometer, skin blood flow using a laser Doppler flow meter, and sweating rate using the capsule ventilation method. The mean skin temperature was measured at seven body points with a thermistor and calculated. Tympanic temperature of drinking water at 3°C and 60°C was significantly in comparison with other conditions. As for skin blood flow between water temperature at 60°C and 3°C, sweating rate between water temperature at 60°Cand other conditions, and mean skin temperature between water temperature at 3°C and other conditions significant differences were recognized. It is thought that the response to early change to drinking water at different temperatures is by responses of thermo-receptors and subsequently by the thermal energy of the drinking water.

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