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Cartridge-Type Helical Blankets Aiming at Easy Construction and Maintenance for the FFHR-d1
Junichi MIYAZAWAHitoshi TAMURATeruya TANAKATakanori MURASETakuya GOTONagato YANAGIRyuichi SAKAMOTOAkio SAGARAthe FFHR Design Group
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2017 Volume 12 Pages 1405017


A new cartridge-type blanket named the CARDISTRY-B is proposed for the helical fusion reactor FFHR-d1.This blanket is composed of the neutron shield and the tritium breeder using molten salt. Both of these are toroidally segmented every two degrees. At each toroidal angle, the segmented parts are divided further into several cartridges in order to make it possible to assemble these cartridges after completion of the superconducting magnet coils. The neutron shield is basically assembled by using mortise and tenon prepared on each of the cartridges and the lower port, instead of the wide area welding. After assembly, the plasma side of the neutron shield is welded to form a vacuum vessel. Another side of the neutron shield facing on the superconducting magnet coils is covered with the thermal shield, which was already attached before assembly. The tritium breeder cartridges can be replaced without cutting or welding of cooling pipes inside the vacuum vessel, where severe radiation dose is expected. Details of the CARDISTRY-B, including the results of motion analysis for all cartridges and estimation of the cartridge weight, are discussed.

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