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The DNA-binding domain of feast/famine regulatory protein, FFRP
Masashi SUZUKINaoki AMANOHideaki KOIKE
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2003 Volume 79B Issue 3 Pages 92-98


Using genomic sequences, gene Bs0711124 of the eubacterium Bacillus subtilis and other archaeal genes including lrs14 of Sulfolobus solfataricus have been identified as coding the N-terminal half of the feast/famine regulatory protein in the full-length (fl-FFRP). This half composes an independent domain, which is able to bind DNA. By comparing the amino acid sequences of the N-terminal DNA-binding domains of fl-FFRPs and of the newly identified group of half FFRPs, and by analyzing the 3D structures of fl-FFRPs previously reported, it has been predicted that the third α-helix in a domain of this type will recognize the nucleotide sequence by binding to DNA.

(Communicated by Masanori OTSUKA, M. J. A., March 12, 2003)

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