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Overview on the history of organofluorine chemistry from the viewpoint of material industry
Takashi OKAZOE
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2009 Volume 85 Issue 8 Pages 276-289


Fluorine (from “le fluor”, meaning “to flow”) is a second row element of Group 17 in the periodic table. When bound to carbon it forms the strongest bond in organic chemistry to give organofluorine compounds. The scientific field treating them, organofluorine chemistry, started before elemental fluorine itself was isolated. Applying the fruits in academia, industrial organofluorine chemistry has developed over 80 years via dramatic changes during World War II. Nowadays, it provides various materials essential for our society. Recently, it utilizes elemental fluorine itself as a reagent for the introduction of fluorine atoms to organic molecules in leading-edge industries. This paper overviews the historical development of organofluorine chemistry especially from the viewpoint of material industry.

(Communicated by Hitosi NOZAKI, M.J.A.)

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