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Proceedings of the Japan Academy, Series B
Vol. 87 (2011) No. 7 P 405-414




The current status of screening for gastric cancer-risk (gastritis A, B, C, D) method using combined assay for serum anti-Helicobacter pylori (Hp) IgG antibody and serum pepsinogen (PG) levels, “ABC method”, was reviewed and the latest results of our ongoing trial are reported. It was performed using the following strategy: Subjects were classified into 1 of 4 risk groups based on the results of the two serologic tests, anti-Hp IgG antibody titers and the PG I and II levels: Group A [Hp(−)PG(−)], infection-free subjects; Group B [Hp(+)PG(−)], chronic atrophic gastritis (CAG) free or mild; Group C [Hp(+)PG(+)], CAG; Group D [Hp(−)PG(+)]), severe CAG with extensive intestinal metaplasia. Continuous endoscopic follow-up examinations are required to detect early stages of gastric cancer. Asymptomatic Group A, which accounts for 50–80% of all the subjects may be excluded from the secondary endoscopic examination, from the viewpoint of efficiency. Hp-infected subjects should be administered eradication treatment aimed at the prevention of gastric cancer.

(Communicated by Takashi SUGIMURA, M.J.A.)

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