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Synthesis and applications of helical polymers with dynamic and static memories of helicity
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This review mainly highlights our studies on the synthesis of one-handed helical polymers with a static memory of helicity based on the noncovalent helicity induction with a helical-sense bias and subsequent memory of the helicity approach that we developed during the past decade. Apart from the previous approaches, an excess one-handed helical conformation, once induced by nonracemic molecules, is immediately retained (“memorized”) after the complete removal of the nonracemic molecules, accompanied by a significant amplification of the asymmetry, providing novel switchable chiral materials for chromatographic enantioseparation and asymmetric catalysis as well as a highly sensitive colorimetric and fluorescence chiral sensor. A conceptually new one-handed helix formation in a racemic helical polymer composed of racemic repeating units through the deracemization of the pendants is described.

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