Proceedings of the Japan Academy, Series B
Online ISSN : 1349-2896
Print ISSN : 0386-2208
ISSN-L : 0386-2208
Visual presentation of complete genomic DNA sequences, and its application to identification of gene-coding regions
Shin-ichi MAKINONaoki AMANOMasashi SUZUKI
ジャーナル フリー

1999 年 75 巻 10 号 p. 311-316


A new method is described for printing nucleotide sequences by assembling square microcells, representing nucleotides, into blocks, and by differentiating micro-cells following a color code, a gray scale, etc., corresponding to the four types of nucleotides. By printing micro-cells, whose sides are close to 250μm, using a laser printer, the complete sequence of a genome of the size close to 1M bases can be printed in the space of full size of A4, without loosing any original information. By enlarging the print using a magnifying glass or a photo-copy machine, the original sequence can be reconstituted, visually or mechanically. Overall and regional characteristics of genomes (e.g. distribution of gene-coding regions) can be analyzed using a plot of this type. The scheme for classifying micro-cells can be modified, in order to present different types of information such as distribution of purines and pyrimidines or that of different types of dinucleotide combinations through the genome.

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