Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI
34th Annual Conference, 2020
Session ID : 1E4-GS-9-01
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Text mining of geological literature for safety and appropriate construction
*Hayato TOBEHiroyuki KANEKOKazuhiko MASUMOTOTakekazu MATSUKAWA
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In the design of civil engineering structures and buildings such as tunnels, dams, bridges and apartments, it is important to collect geological information on the foundation ground or surrounding ground for safety and appropriate construction. However, there is a large amount of geological literature to be viewed for these designs and constructions, and there is always a shortage of geological engineers who can decipher and summarize the literature. Therefore, we have been developing a text mining system to automatically and quickly analyze and extract important information related to construction from geological literature. As a result of comparing the information automatically extracted by this system with the information compiled by the geotechnical engineers, we found that the former information was comparable to the latter.

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