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Papers of the special interest group on Advanced Learning Science and Technology (SIG-ALST) are stored at this site. Authentication is required for their access in one year after they are published.
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Online ISSN : 2436-4606
Print ISSN : 1349-4104
  • [title in Japanese] Akira YOSHIDA, Yasuhiro NOGUCHI, Satoru KOGURE, Koichi YAMASHITA, Tatsuhiro KONISHI, Makoto KONDO
  • [title in Japanese] Raiya YAMAMOTO, Emmanuel AYEDOUN, Kae NAKAYA, Yoshimasa TAWATSUJI, Sho YAMAMOTO
  • [title in Japanese] Tomoki IKEGAME, Yasuhiro NOGUCHI, Satoru KOGURE, Koichi YAMASHITA, Raiya YAMAMOTO, Tatsuhiro KONISHI, Yukihiro ITOH
  • [title in Japanese] Tomohito JUMONJI, Nonoka AIKAWA, Takahito TOMOTO
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