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Recent advances in steroidal glycoalkaloid biosynthesis in the genus Solanum
Ryota AkiyamaNaoyuki UmemotoMasaharu Mizutani
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2023 Volume 40 Issue 3 Pages 185-191


Steroidal glycoalkaloids (SGAs) are specialized metabolites found in members of Solanum species, and are also known as toxic substances in Solanum food crops such as tomato (Solanum lycopersicum), potato (Solanum tuberosum), and eggplant (Solanum melongena). SGA biosynthesis can be divided into two main parts: formation of steroidal aglycones, which are derived from cholesterol, and glycosylation at the C-3 hydroxy group. This review focuses on recent studies that shed light on the complete process of the aglycone formation in SGA biosynthesis and structural diversification of SGAs by duplicated dioxygenases, as well as the development of non-toxic potatoes through genome editing using these findings.

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