Proceedings of Annual Meeting of the Physiological Society of Japan
Proceedings of Annual Meeting of the Physiological Society of Japan
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Influence of academic stress experienced by college students taking the National Exam for Clinical Laboratory Technicians
*Yasuhiro ItohShunji Nagaoka
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Purpose: The university student chiefly takes an examination of the national exam for clinical laboratory technician at the end of the university. It is difficult to look for the student who suffers from the academic (=mental) stress because there is no index with a good academic stress. Then, it examined it by using some stress indices aiming to know the method that was able to be passed by a lot of students in this research.Methods: Subjects: 57 healthy students were given informed written consent. Chemical stress index: Levels of salivary cortisol and chromogranin A. Psychological evaluation: Affect grid developed by Russell JR, Weiss A and Mendelsohn GA. Measurement time: Ten months ago and before two days examining.Results: The saliva Chromogranin A concentration increased significantly from 2.26pg/dl ten months ago to 6.01pg/dl two days before though the saliva cortisol did not change significantly. In Affect grid, the standard of Pleasantness decreased from 5.96 to 4.78 in significant though the standard of Awake did not change. Moreover, there was an opposite correlation between the result of the examination (score) and the saliva chromogranin A concentration (r=-0.302).Conclusions: The result of the person with high chromogranin A concentration examination before two days tended to be low. It was suggested that the measurement of the saliva chromogranin A concentration immediately before the examination for making a lot of students pass the examination and caring mentally be effective. [J Physiol Sci. 2007;57 Suppl:S192]

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