Proceedings of the Tokyo Mathematico-Physical Society. 2nd Series
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A Calculation of a Two-Lens Objective. (Second Paper)
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1918 Volume 9 Issue 20 Pages 485-495


(1) Find the four radii by the formulae proposed by me.
(2) With these values of the radii as well as given values of thickness and interval t's, find s1′, s2′ and s3′.
(3) With thege s′'s and t's, calculate ω1, ω2 and ω3 [Use the formulae (I)].
(4) With the values of the radii found in (1) and with the given values of t's, calculate Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4. [Use the definition formula of Q].
(5) Next calculate the formulae (VII).
(6) And then calculate σ4′ by (A), Γ by (B), S by (C), T by (D), and differential coefficients by (III), (IV), (V), (VI).
(7) With these values, calculate (II) and find ΔQ1, ΔQ2, ΔQ3 and ΔQ4, putting Γ=0, S=0 and T=0.
(8) Find Q1+ΔQ1, Q2+ΔQ2, Q3+ΔQ3 and Q4+ΔQ4 by the simple addition of the values found in (4) and (7).
(9) By the aid of definition formulae of optical invariants, find corrected radii from Q1+ΔQ1, Q2+ΔQ2, Q3+ΔQ3 and Q4+ΔQ4.

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