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Attractive Quality and Must-Be Quality
Noriaki KANONobuhiko SERAKUFumio TAKAHASHIShin-ichi TSUJI
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1984 Volume 14 Issue 2 Pages 147-156


Through the study on quality theory in the literatures of philosophy, quality control, the study of merchandise and so on, we made clear that there are two aspects of quality such as subjective and objective ones and that it is necessary to investigate the correspondence of these two aspects. Then, for this purpose, we propose that two dimensional recognition should replace one-dimensional one which has been so far prevailing, and that this recognition of the correspondence is utilized for categorizing quality elements of a product into attractive, nust-be, one-dimensional quality ones and so on.Then the practical validity of this theory is examined through the questionnaire survey about the TV set and the table clock to consumers and it is investigated how each quality element of these items is evaluated under the theory. Moreover, an example of new clock planning with applying this theory is discussed in order to show the practical effetiveness of this theory.

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