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Comprehension and Appreciation of Humor in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder: The Effect of Supplementary Linguistic Information “Tsukkomi”
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2023 Volume 49 Issue 1 Pages 1-13


Several studies showed that individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have difficulty sharing humor with others due to difficulties in comprehension and appreciation of humor. We thought that “tsukkomi”, which is a unique comedy culture in Japan and has the role of specifying what is funny, would be useful in promoting humor in individuals with ASD. The present study examined the effects of “tsukkomi” on humor comprehending and appreciating in 13 ASD subjects and 26 Typically Development (TD) subjects. The results showed that “tsukkomi” promoted humor comprehension in individuals with ASD, but did not promote humor appreciation in individuals with ASD. The results suggested that ASD participants felt humor differently from TD participants, and their humor experience may have arisen from their own understanding of humor. The results suggest that “tsukkomi” is useful for helping people with ASD to understand the humor of others. However, it is necessary to explore the unique humor of individuals with ASD, such as what kinds of things they tend to find funny, when providing support for their humor.

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