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A Rotational Drum Fermentation System (RDFS) for Dry Methane Fermentation (Part 4)
Effect of leachate obtained from methanogenesis on acidogenesis
Wei Zhong JIANGYutaka KITAMURATakehito SHIINABaoming LITakaaki SATAKE
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Volume 36 (2005-2006) Issue 1 Pages 27-36

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The effects of leachate from a methanogenic process concerning acidogenic performance in a cascade process utilizing a rotational drum fermentation system (RDFS) were evaluated. Using fresh soybean meal as substrates, two process configurations represented as Cascade processes 1 and 2 were employed to perform the experimental estimation. Higher apparent first-order hydrolysis rate constants for Cascade processes 1 and 2 were obtained following the addition of leachate, however occupying ratios of acetic acid decreased whereas propionic acid and butyric acid ratios increased in both acidogenic processes.

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