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Vol. 29 (1993) No. 4 P 455-460



Anew research field in human interface called “Artificial reality” is discussed. Artificial reality is expected to form a new configuration of human-computer interaction. Though the research in this field, necessity for force feedback has been recognized. This paper describes a method of implementation of the force feedback device (force display) and its performance evaluation. Our device presents desktop virtual space in which computer generates visual and tactile sensation. An operator wears 9 D.O.F master manipulator on the right hand and puts H.M.D (Head Mounted Display) on. The operator can touch and hold virtual objects in virtual space. Evaluating system performance, behavior and reaction time for putting on a virtual toggle switch are examined. Distance and size of the toggle switch were considered as indices of difficultly of the operation. From the results, it was suggested that an operation with tactile sense has advantage on recognizability of switch.

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