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Impacts of Sea Surface Temperature Improved by a High-Resolution Ocean Model on Summer Precipitation in a Dynamical Downscaling over Japan
Shun-ichi I. WatanabeHiroyuki TsujinoAkihiko MurataMasayoshi Ishii
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2019 Volume 15 Pages 183-188


We evaluated the impact of sea surface temperature (SST) improvement realized by increasing horizontal resolution of an ocean model on dynamical downscaling (DDS) over Japan, focusing on the effects of the Kuroshio on summer precipitation in Japan. Two sets of SSTs were simulated using a high-resolution North Pacific (NP) model and a low-resolution global (GLB) ocean model. Using these SSTs as the lower boundary conditions for the atmosphere, two DDS experiments were conducted (NP-run and GLB-run). In NP-run, summer precipitation increases over the Kuroshio and reduces over Pacific coastal areas of Japan compared with GLB-run. Due to weaker southerly winds north of the Kuroshio in NP-run, the water vapor flux transported to Japan is smaller than in GLB-run. Both the pressure adjustment and the vertical mixing mechanisms weaken the southerly winds, with the latter being slightly more effective. Increasing the horizontal resolution of the ocean model, so that the Kuroshio is more realistically reproduced, improves the accuracy of simulated precipitation over Japan.

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