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Inner and Outer-Layer Similarity of the Turbulence Intensity Profile over a Realistic Urban Geometry
Atsushi InagakiYovita WangsaputraManabu KandaMeral YücelNaoyuki OnoderaTakayuki Aoki
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2020 Volume 16 Pages 120-124


The similarity of the turbulence intensity profile with the inner-layer (i.e. from the ground to the top of the logarithmic layer) and the outer-layer (i.e. from the top of the inner layer to top of the boundary layer) scalings were examined for an urban boundary layer using numerical simulations. The simulations consider a developing neutral boundary layer over realistic building geometry with and without a slightly upsloping terrain. The computational domain covers an 19.2 km by 4.8 km and extends up to a height of 1 km, and is resolved by 2-m grids. Several turbulence intensity profiles are defined locally in the computational domain. The inner- and outer-layer scalings work well reducing the scatter of the turbulence intensity within the inner- and outer-layers, respectively, regardless of the surface geometry. Although the main scatters among the scaled profiles are attributed to the mismatch of the parts of the layer (i.e. inner or outer) and the scaling parameters, their behaviours can also be explained by introducing a non-dimensional parameter which consists of the ratio of the inner- and outer-layer parameters for length (the boundary-layer height over the roughness length), or velocity (the external free stream velocity over the friction velocity).

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