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Diurnal Variation of Surface Heat Fluxes off the West Coast of Sumatra Island as Revealed by In Situ Observation
Satoru Yokoi
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2020 Volume 16A Issue Special_Edition Pages 1-5


Given vigorous mean diurnal variation (MDV) of cumulus convection and surface wind over coastal waters of the Indonesian Maritime Continent, surface sensible and latent heat fluxes (SHF and LHF) are expected to also exhibit significant MDV. However, it is difficult to grasp characteristics of MDV of these fluxes due to lack of surface observation data. Recently, two intensive observation campaigns were conducted off the west coast of Sumatra Island in austral summer, which offer us a unique opportunity to examine the characteristics of convection and the fluxes. This study analyzes these observations to reveal that the MDV of both SHF and LHF has considerable amplitude compared with the average. The MDV of SHF is primarily caused by that in surface air temperature, which is due to the MDV of convection. As for LHF, the MDV is primarily caused by that of surface wind speed, in which both the MDV of convection and sea/land breezes play roles. Furthermore, there are qualitative differences in the MDV of the fluxes between the two campaign periods, which can be explained from the viewpoint of differences in phase and intensity of MDV of convection and the sea/land breezes.

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