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An Attempt to Retrieve Continuous Water Vapor Profiles in Marine Lower Troposphere Using Shipboard Raman/Mie Lidar System
Masaki KatsumataKyoko TaniguchiTomoaki Nishizawa
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2020 Volume 16A Issue Special_Edition Pages 6-11


A shipboard lidar system was examined the capability to retrieve detailed variation of the water vapor mixing ratio in and above the marine atmospheric boundary layer (MABL). The water vapor mixing ratio is retrieved from the ratio of Raman lidar signals by water vapor and by nitrogen, with the help of radiosonde data beside. Data obtained during two special observations, Pre-YMC and YMC-Sumatra, off the west coast of Sumatra island were examined.

The mixing ratio was retrieved in the nighttime over 1 km height with the resolution of 10-minutes in temporal and 120-meters in vertical. The root mean square difference from the radiosonde data is about or less than 1 g/kg in MABL. A case study demonstrates that the retrieved spatiotemporal variation of water vapor mixing ratio captures meso-scale drying and moistening in detail. The capabilities of the retrieved data were well demonstrated, while number of improvements are expected in future work.

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