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The SOLA Award in 2020
Tetsuya Takemi
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2021 Volume 17 Pages ii-iii


The Editorial Committee of Scientific Online Letters on the Atmosphere (SOLA) gives The SOLA Award to outstanding paper(s) published each year. I am pleased to announce that The SOLA Award in 2020 is going to be presented to the paper by Dr. Fumiaki Fujibe, entitled “Temperature anomaly in the Tokyo metropolitan area during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) self-restraint period” (Fujibe 2020).
In response to the rapid spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in spring 2020, human activities were strongly regulated and restricted in many parts of the world. The Japanese government set a nationwide self-restraint period from March to June in 2020 to prevent and contain the COVID-19 infection. This study investigated the impact of the reduced human activities during the self-restraint period on the temperature in the Tokyo metropolitan area. By using surface station data, the author revealed negative temperature anomaly in the central district of Tokyo from April to May, corresponding to the strong restraint period imposed by the government. It was demonstrated that the temperature anomaly in central Tokyo is about −0.5°C and is larger in the nighttime than in the daytime. It was also shown that a weak negative anomaly of about −0.2°C is found in the weak restraint period from late February to early April. The present result implies that the reduction of anthropogenic heat release affects significantly the temperature decrease in densely populated urban areas such as central Tokyo. The finding of this study is highly evaluated in revealing the impacts of human activities and the resulting anthropogenic heat release on the temperature in urban areas. With the growing concern on the urban heat island under climate change, it is critically important to quantify the influences of anthropogenic heat release on the urban atmospheric environment. This study would contribute to assessing the impacts of human activities on climate change at urban scales.
The Editorial Committee of SOLA highly evaluates the significance of this study and therefore presents The SOLA Award.

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