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Arctic Sea ice loss and Eurasian cooling in winter 2020-21
Kazuaki NishiiBunmei TaguchiMasato MoriYu KosakaHisashi Nakamura
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Article ID: 2022-032


Anomalous coldness was observed over midlatitude Eurasia in December 2020 and over subpolar Eurasia in January 2021. The former was accompanied by the Warm Arctic and Cold Eurasia (WACE) pattern, while the latter by the negative phase of the Arctic Oscillation (AO). A set of large ensemble experiments with an atmospheric general circulation model suggests a contribution of reduced Arctic Sea ice to the midlatitude cooling and WACE pattern in December 2020. The tropical and extratropical sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies, however, contribute to warming over midlatitude Eurasia. In January 2021, neither the sea ice nor SST anomalies can explain the subpolar Eurasian cooling and the negative AO in our experiments.

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